Tutors are available for home visits and also by appointment at our venue in Richmond. We can also arrange for courses to be conducted at schools, colleges, offices and other venues convenient to you.

Manga is an artform that has become an established part of Japanese popular culture and which is now becoming increasingly popular and influential in the West.


Learn the basics of anatomy, life drawing, character design and much more. Increase your confidence in drawing and design. These classes will help to bring your manga creations to life.

The Manga classes will feature instruction by talented Manga artist Fumiko-sensei.

Read some comments by attendees at the the previous Manga classes:

“I enjoyed the lesson, the atmosphere was nice and relaxed. I think I should have brought squared paper to draw on, it would have been easier to compare the proportions of what I was drawing with Kei’s examples”. – Alex

“Cozy and friendly learning environment Easy to pick up with any level of drawing Interests in drawing is the key”. – Odette

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