Tutors are available for home visits and also by appointment at our venue in Richmond. We can also arrange for courses to be conducted at schools, colleges, offices and other venues convenient to you.

Japanese Language Course


Akemi Solloway has been teaching Japanese for over 20 years and has tutored students in a wide variety of aspects of the Japanese language.

This includes teaching casual conversational Japanese, skills for GCSE and A Level study and also formal Japanese for business (Keigo).

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Manga is an artform that has become an established part of Japanese popular culture and which is now becoming increasingly popular and influential in the West.

Learn the basics of anatomy, life drawing, character design and much more. These classes will help to bring your manga creations to life.

Click here for more details on classes and locations: Manga Classes.

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Bushido Study Course

Using Bushido book by Nitobe Inazo, students will learn Japanese Samurai way of thinking and ethics. This includes Japanese cultural study, and is available to Groups or individual students.

The Art Of The Kimono Course

This course will give students the chance to learn how to choose and wear the Kimono, including presentation and elegance of movement. Students will also be invited to bring a camera. Tea ceremony course will be added if you wish.

Japanese Tea Ceremony


The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a ceremonial preparation of powdered green tea which has become a popular aspect of classic Japanese culture.

This class discusses its history and also guides students through the process of preparation and presentation of the Tea Ceremony.

Learn the significance of the various stages of the ceremony and enjoy the experience of this unique part of Japanese culture.

Life Drawing

Separate from the Manga drawing class, this course gives students confidence to draw the body. Learn about proportion, anatomy and composition.

Improve your drawing skills in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Calligraphy (Shodo)

The centuries-old art of Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) has become a distinctive artform that can produce stirring visual brilliance with a few brushstrokes.

Learn the skills employed to produce your own examples of this beautiful rendering of the Japanese language.

Japanese cooking lesson

Learn about the preparation of the daily normal Japanese meal, often eaten at home as dinner or lunch in Japan. Tenpura, Sushi, Sukiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, Gyoza, Curry, Tsukemono, etc. One lesson – maximum three people.

Waka (Manyo-shu)

One of the classic genres of Japanese poetry is Waka, a discipline that dates back to the 5th Century and has produced some of the most beautiful poetry in Japan’s long and cultured history.

One of the oldest existing works in this style is Manyo-shu (“Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves”) which dates back to 759AD. During this classes students are invited to discuss the poems contained in the collection.

Studying Shinto

A study of Japan’s indigenous religion.