A range of courses

Our Japanese language lessons are tailored to suit your needs. Among the options on offer are beginner, intermediate and business lessons. We also have tutors ready to assist you with GCSE and A Level study as well as preparation for JLPT exams.

The classes will be formed of 4 to 8 students to guarantee everyone’s improvement and maintain a stimulating learning environment.

We can discuss your language goals and requirements and then arrange for a suitable class that matches your level and aims.

Conversational Japanese

The lessons can be tailor-made for beginner, intermediate or advanced students to help improve their conversational technique.

Exploring a wide variety of interesting themes and ideas, our Japanese tutors will soon improve your confidence and skill in speaking Japanese.

Business Japanese

The Japanese used in business (known as keigo 敬語) is an important tool when engaged in working with Japanese companies or dealing with business ventures in Japan.

Through our courses we can improve your Japanese language skills – or those of the employees within your company.

JLPT/GCSE/A Level Japanese Lessons

Having private tutoring lessons will help your own JLPT, GCSE or A Level studies with a view to passing your exams with distinction.

The benefits of having a private tutor include identifying specific weak areas in the student’s language skills. From this, a dedicated lesson plan can be applied to improve the student’s Japanese, utilising exercises in conversation, grammar and written language ability.