A world of culture

Japan’s rich cultural heritage includes the timeless appeal of the traditional kimono, the taste of the ancient Tea Ceremony and the study of Japan’s native religion, shinto.

The Japanese Study School offers up a wealth of courses dedicated to the many aspects of Japanese culture. Dive in today and enjoy learning about the wonders of Japanese culture!

The Art of the Kimono 着物

The traditional Japanese clothing style still resonates in the modern era. This class will give students the chance to learn how to choose and wear the kimono, including presentation and elegance of movement.

A one-way ticket to explore one of the most beautiful, elegant and intriguing tradition of Japan.

Japanese Tea Ceremony 茶の湯

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a ceremonial preparation of powdered green tea (matcha 抹茶) which has become a popular aspect of classic Japanese culture.

This class discusses its history and also guides students through the process of preparation and presentation of the Tea Ceremony. Learn the significance of the various stages of the ceremony and enjoy the experience of this unique part of Japanese culture.

Shinto 神道

Shinto is the ethnic religion of Japan. Meaning “The Way of the Gods” it focuses on ritual and practices to establish a connection between the men and the gods that help and protect nature, the living and the dead.

Shinto is strongly characterized by positive lessons, including helping and being kind to others: it teaches the individual to contain selfishness and egocentrism, promoting humility.

Learning shinto is the pathway to discovering the Japanese heart of all things.

Bushido 武士道

Utilising the book Bushido by Nitobe Inazo, students will learn about the Japanese Samurai way of thinking and ethics.

This includes a Japanese cultural study, and is available to groups or individual students.

Waka 和歌

Waka represents one of the classic genres of Japanese poetry – a discipline that dates back to the 5th Century and has produced some of the most beautiful poetry in Japan’s long and cultured history.

One of the oldest existing works in this style is Manyo-shu (“Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves”) which dates back to 759AD. During this classes students are invited to discuss the poems contained in the collection.

Otaku and Modern Pop Culture オタクとpopカルチャー

Do you like manga? Watch anime everyday? What about dorama and Japanese films? Or maybe you love J-Pop and idols? More of a Visual-K fan? Or do you want to know more about Otaku Culture?

Japan has a long, rich cultural history, but to really know modern Japan it's important to grasp its modern culture. This talk explores the many elements that form the foundations of Japanese pop culture.